To beautify life is to give it an object  José Martí



After having planned my whole life, chaos took over and challenged my views on priorities in life. 

Against all my expectations this was the best that could have happened.

But now I´m going back to organisation, structure and planning - the basis of all development.

Humanity and passion always make good things, but it is beauty what makes them even more adorable.

I am here to create things that embellish bodies, days, rooms, lives. Over time I will be able to share it with people old and young, rich and poor, everyone who cherishes the spirit of excellence.

But for now, have a look at my pages.












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León+Coco are going to have a brand new website soon...



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We are currently updating this website, as it has been years since there were News on here.

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Diana Heredia    

Dipl.Ing.Interior Architecture